Digital Printing on Fabric

Digital Printing on FabricAre you a dressmaker, fashion stylist or fashion designer and looking for a trustworthy company that can do digital printing of fashion fabrics? Come to our company Digital Printing of Fashion Fabrics. We take pride in creating the best quality for every piece we digital print. We can do over 100 colors, each color with different shade. We have full digital printing capabilities to allow you to truly make your design stand out. If you are looking for something more unique but at a lower cost and have the custom print you always wanted, then we can help with your needs.

Full Digital Printing Services for Fabrics. All fabric base fabrics can be custom printed digitally. Cotton, Rayon, Silk, Polyester, Blended Fabrics, Upholstery Fabrics, Modal Fabrics, Sustainable Fabrics.

  • Minimum requirement: 50 yards
  • Turnover time: 4 weeks
  • Custom design printing: accept various types of image file formats